FlowLogic plays a critical part in my research. I can confidently describe it as the smartest flow analysis tool available. Fast, extremely efficient and user-friendly, this software offers a 3 in 1 platform which allows end users to perform analyses statistics and report writing all the same time. The software is the ultimate analysis software for flow cytometry at the price of an antibody. FlowLogic provides great flexibility in choosing parameters, advanced functions and formats leading to remarkable graphics for publication quality figures. This robust yet affordable analyses tool meets all users' requirements through flexible virtual licencing and outstanding technical and customer support. I highly recommend FlowLogic for both long and short-term flow cytometry research projects.

Wafa Khamri Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Imperial College London UK

Weekly Product Review Spotlight] … FlowLogic. (Reliability - 3 out of 5 stars, Value - 3.5 out of 5 stars, Usability - 3.5 out of 5 stars). Arek says: “I have used FlowLogic for analysis of over 2000 samples and indeed the program did a great job. Before I started, I got 1 h teaching with a programmer sitting in Australia, and after his guidance I could easily go through all the samples from my 8-color experiments. I chose this program as at this time I could not trust FlowJo as it crashed from time to time when analysing a big number of samples. The program is intuitive and practically it contains everything one needs for FCM data analysis. If something is missing one can always mention this and all the valuable suggestions will be included in next versions of the software. I am looking forward to using FlowLogic to analyse my next thousands of samples which I hope to come in the coming months.” “Overall though, superb piece of software, and as a PC user, it’s a pure joy to use over our copies of FlowJo (which crashes our PCs repeatedly)”.

Matt Kraman
Fearon Lab
Wellcome Trust Immunology Unit
Department of Medicine
University of Cambridge

“I have bought 2 copies of this software, find it very intuitive, easy to use, have not found any files so far that it will not handle. The dot plot and histogram overlays are particularly good and easy to produce. I like the program very much.”

Ian Dimmick
Flow Cytometry Core Facility Manager
Newcastle upon Tyne University
Faculty of Medical Sciences
Bioscience Centre
International Centre for Life
Newcastle Upon Tyne UK

“The new version is just awesome! I like Gatelogic a lot, it is mostly intuitive, and the doc file is a great idea. Thanks a lot.”

Dr. Adriana Magalska
Friedrich Miescher Laboratory
Spemannstraße 39
72076 Tübingen Germany

“Thanks, everything worked perfectly. I do want to say that the program is great and very easy to use.”

Alice C. Ortmann
Assistant Professor
Department of Marine Science
University of South Alabama

“I've been testing out your Gatelogic software. For the most part, it looks pretty nice. Good work."

“Hei! We now have the Gatelogic for almost one year. We are very satisfied with the software.”

DI (FH) Reinhard Hinterleitner
Dept. for Medical Genetics, Clinical and Molecular Pharmacology
Schöpfstraße 41
6020 Innsbruck Austria

“I like the user- friendly nature of this software especially it helped me to re-compensate a few files that had been difficult to handle. I will cite this software in my manuscript.”

Hui-Chen Hsu, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
1825 University Blvd
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Birmingham, AL 35294

“I've been testing out your Gatelogic software. For the most part, it looks pretty nice. Good work.
As an aside, much of the reason I was excited about Gatelogic was that it might be a "lighter" program than FloJo and thus be able to run smoothly on my laptop so I might analyze/prepare flow data away from the lab and, occasionally, away from the internet. It's definitely a well conceived piece of software.”

Chris Martin
Ph.D. Candidate
Surh Lab
Immunology Rm306

“Gatelogic is an impressive, capable software with a very attractive, intuitive and elegant interface. The latter is not all that common among scientific applications. What sets apart the good user experience from the struggle and annoyance at work is how the software communicates with us. But this wisdom is obviously not news to your great team. I am an old time Macintosh user as well as a photographer who deals with many great computer programs who very much value the look and feel besides the productivity and functionality of our tools.
Thanks again for your visit and I am looking forward to experiencing the new, combined version of Gatelogic.”

Akos Szilvasi
Manager, Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy Core Lab
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
250 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

“I am a scientist here at eBio and have installed the trial version of GateLogic on my work computer to try out the software. It should come as no surprise to you that I like it very much!”

Travis Jennings, PhD
eBioscience, Inc.
Materials Scientist, R&D

“The way the software could handle 96 well plate data. I gave them fcs files from 5 plates of a Hybridoma screen and it was very quick and informative of where the positives were by heat mapping as well as quick crosos check of the actual histograms of the entire data set Some really good features. They have definitely made some major improvements in this version. The stats pages are impressive and the multi platform functioning is a great selling point”

Boston Consulting Group

“The program is running well, and so far I've been impressed with how easy it is to use. I had no problems importing some 5-color FCS files from our Coulter FC 500, and the dot plots very closely resemble the original ones, even without compensation. Gating is so much easier to do than with other programs. I have the next few days off for our Thanksgiving holiday, and I'll really try the program out. Thanks so much for your help!”

Roger Riley

“Then about the new software - I also downloaded it myself and want to complement you and your team about this. Really nice features, great job!
Nice webinar, I especially liked the second part. Once more I want to congratulate you and your team for the great efforts you have made. The software is better than the first version and this was unexpected since the first one was already very good.
I also thank you for taking my comments in account and provide solutions for this in the new version, like the % of selected and graph part.
Keep up the good job!”

Patrick Bier
Business Development Manager
eBioscience an Affymetrix company

“I am a scientist here at eBio and have installed the trial version of GateLogic on my work computer to try out the software. It should come as no surprise to you that I like it very much!”

Travis Jennings, PhD
eBioscience, Inc.
Materials Scientist, R&D

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