Flowlogic Technical Specifications

Flowlogic Supported Platforms

Windows, Mac and Linux with Java 1.8 or newer
Min. RAM required: 1GB.
Min. CPU: 1.5GHz Dual Core.

Flowlogic Technical Specifications

Operating Systems All Operating Systems supporting Java 1.8 or newer (including Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix)
Plot Types Dot, Density, Histogram ,Psuedo-Color, Contour, Kintetic, Combinations
Graph Displays Area, Height, Width, Area, Time, Percentage
Data Representation Linear, Log, LogScaled
Standard Gating Types Hierarchical gating – Polygon, Rectangle, Histogram Marker, Flexible Quadrant, Ellipse
Boolean Gating Types NOT, OR, AND, AND NOT, XOR
Statistics Package % Parent, % Total, % Selected, Median, Mean, Geometric Mean, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation, Robust Coefficient of Variation, Robust Standard Deviation, MQD Volumetric Statistics
Import Formats FCS data files: FCS 2.0, FCS 3.0, FCS 3.1, LMD, LXB, MQD
Export Formats Data (XML), Statistics (CSV, Excel), Graphics (Raster: JPEG, PNG; Vector: SVG,PDF,PS,EPS)

Java 1.8 or newer is required to run FlowLogic. For technical support, please contact Miltenyi Biotec

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